Summary of Fees

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Tool Handling Fees: Member Agencies pay a Tool Handling Fee equal to 3% of the retail value of each tool borrowed per week. Tools may be borrowed from one to eight weeks. For orders longer than eight weeks, a check-in appointment must be made no later than the eight-week mark.

Late Fees: Overdue tools accrue late fees at 6% of the retail value of each tool borrowed value every week until the tools are returned, replaced or replacement costs are paid in full (see below).

Replacement Costs: Member Agencies are assessed a replacement cost in the event that a tool is declared lost, parts are missing, or the tool is broken or no longer usable due to misuse or abuse. We do not charge replacement fees for tools broken during their intended use, so long as the broken tool is returned.

Cancelation fees: Any order canceled with more than 2 business days’ notice does not incur fees. Any order canceled between noon two business days prior to requested pickup and noon the day before the pickup will incur a fee of 50% of the original tool handling fee. Any order canceled with less notice than noon the day before will incur all original tool handling fees. Any order that is not picked up at the designated time will incur the full tool handling fees, whether or not is ever picked up. This policy holds no matter what the reason for cancelation.

Example Scenario:

Your original order was due to be picked up on Friday afternoon at 1 pm with original fees totaling $25.

If you cancel before Wednesday at noon = no fees.

If you cancel after 12 noon on Wednesday = $12.50 (50% of original fees).

If you cancel after 12 noon on Thursday = $25 (full fees).

Cancelation Timeline