There are many opportunities to promote your business or organization while benefitting the ToolBank and its partners–from tool month sponsorships to empowering safe play space for youth.

The ToolBank model implies the engagement of multiple audiences, from business and community leaders to young professionals, college students, and diverse volunteer groups. With so much traffic coming through our doors and incredibly high visibility of tools in the fields, we offer standard sponsorship opportunities that can elevate the community profile of your business or organization.

  • Sponsor a Picnic Table Build Day

    Sponsor the cost of materials to make picnic tables for Baltimore City Public School students! Email noah.smock@toolbank.org to learn more.

  • Sponsor a Month of Tool Handling Fees

    Would you like to empower all our organizations in a given month with free or discounted tools? This sponsorship opportunity not only gives visibility to dozens of community partners and hundreds of volunteers, it actually helps our organizations do more with less money! For sponsorship details, contact our office directly at (410) 244-5565 or email Noah Smock at noah.smock@toolbank.org.

  • Sponsor Hammers & Ales

    Ranging from $500 – $10,000, with multiple levels in between, Hammers & Ales sponsorship provides marketing and entertainment value to your organization. Once you’ve found the right level for your organization, visit our sponsorship page or email Executive Director Noah Smock at noah.smock@toolbank.org.

  • Sponsor Safe Play for Youth

    Is your organization dedicated to providing safe play space for youth in Baltimore and the region? This sponsorship is the perfect way to promote your organizational values. Our mobile Imagination Playground set goes out to dozens of schools and partners a year to empower youth to play safely, even in non-traditional play spaces.

    To arrange your sponsorship details, contact the ToolBank directly at (410) 244-5565 or email Noah Smock at noah.smock@toolbank.org.