Notice: Current COVID-19 Lending Restrictions

We are currently restricted in what tools & equipment we can lend for what projects. Our primary focus at this time is lending tools & equipment for critical care service providers working in COVID-19 relief. For orders that are not directly related to COVID-19 relief, we will only loan certain types of tools to projects that are completed by ten or less people after we confirm the nature of the project.

For the safety of staff and members, note new lending protocols here. These will be reviewed with every confirmed order and lovingly yet strictly enforced.

Please note that we may be unable to fulfill requests outside of this scope for the time being in compliance with stay-at-home orders. We monitor these orders daily & look forward to a time when we can resume standard lending in a safe manner for our staff & partners. If you place an order, we will discuss your project with you to determine whether we can safely lend to you at this time.

Recommended Tools for COVID-19 Relief